Bannock Animal Medical Center

Emergency Vet Pocatello, Bannock, and Chubbock

Bannock Animal Medical Center specializes in dogs and cats. Our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary medical care for dogs and cats with an emphasis on patient comfort and owner involvement. We have a veterinarian here or on-call twenty four hours a day seven days a week for emergencies. We will also see emergencies during regular business hours at no extra charge. If for some reason you aren’t sure whether your pet is in need of emergency care, just call one of our doctors or staff and we will answer any questions you may have. When you have an emergency you can expect to see one of our three doctors on staff. This is an advantage over taking the pet to an emergency facility where the doctor is unfamiliar with the pet and does not have access to the medical record.

The first priority for any of our patients whether it is an emergency or not is pain control, so you can expect the doctor to assess and treat the pain as soon as possible. We have a digital x-ray system so diagnostic radiographs in an emergency can be taken in minimal time, and will give us fast and accurate information. If emergency surgery is needed our doctors can provide this service immediately, reducing complications that can result from waiting. We love to do C-sections and often see these on an emergency basis, our C-sections are done with epidural anesthesia, reducing the risk to new born puppies.

We encourage our clients to be involved with all aspects of their pet’s care by having a open door policy – you can stay by your pet’s side as long as you like. We also have eleven support staff that rotate being on call with our doctors, so we always have an extra hand for emergencies if needed. Please call our regular office number (208-237-3934) for more information on how to reach our on-call doctor. Please do not hesitate to call if you are having an emergency or any concern with your pet.