Bannock Animal Medical Center

Veterinarian Bannock

BAMC provides the highest quality medical care to the dogs and cats of Bannock County and nearby communities. As well as routine preventive care, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, and treatment of sick and injured dogs and cats, we provide dental services, advanced pain management, health maintenance plans, and ultrasound exams.

Our dental services extend beyond the usual preventive scaling and polishing. We also provide surgical and medical treatment of deep periodontitis (infection of the bone surrounding the tooth root), orthodontic treatment of mis-aligned teeth, and corrective and reconstructive oral surgery. For minor procedures, we can often simply sedate your pet and give a local anesthetic shot to the nerve, keeping the cost of care far below what it would be with general anesthesia.

Pain prevention is a major priority for each of our patients. We routinely apply morphine patches for long-acting pain control when needed, and perform epidural anesthesia for C-sections and major orthopedic procedures. We recognize that animals are subject to all the types of pain people are, including phantom pain and other pathologic pain types. We are committed to being pro-active and responsive with our pain control.

BAMC offers health maintenance plans to help keep the total cost of your pet’s routine health care down. If you sign your dog or cat up for one of our plans, every annual vaccine exam, all vaccinations, and monthly wormer is free for life. These pre-purchased plans can save you a thousand dollars over the life of your pet.

Our ultrasound machine utilizes color-flow doppler imaging. This lets us evaluate blood flow in the heart and abdominal organs, as well as the usual exams and pregnancy evaluations. We are able to take ultrasound-guided biopsies of liver, kidney, spleen, and other tissues rather than doing a full open surgery. This minimizes the risk and cost of diagnostic procedures.