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When to Call Your Vet. Is It an Emergency?

Animals can act very strange when they’re in pain. And, when the pain is severe, they can go into shock, making it harder to determine the severity of the illness or injury. There are some problems you can handle at home. But, there are some pet injuries and illnesses that are considered serious emergencies. And, pet emergencies call for a trip to the emergency vet animal hospital.

9 Pet Illnesses and Injuries that Require a Visit to the Emergency Vet

Here are 9 occasions when your pet’s medical issues are severe enough to require animal medical attention from an emergency vet:

  1. Poisoning – Pet owners tend to get confused about what is considered poisoning. Basically, any toxin or product that is harmful when ingested by people, is just as harmful to your pets. Some examples include antifreeze, rodent and pest poisons and cleaning products. These can literally kill your pet. So, get you buddy to the emergency vet ASAP.
  2. Seizures – If your pet has a seizure, keep your friend away from furniture and other objects that might fall on or hurt him/her. Once the seizure is over, keep your pet calm, quiet and as warm as possible. Then, contact your local veterinarian immediately.
  3. Internal Bleeding – How do you know when your pet is bleeding internally? Look for symptoms such as rapid, weak pulse, collapsing, pale gums, urine with blood in it, coughing up blood, bleeding from rectum, mouth or nose. Internal bleeding is very serious. Rush your pet to the emergency vet quickly.
  4. External Bleeding – If your pet gets a wound, and it’s bleeding, muzzle her/him so she/he can’t pick at the wound. Put pressure on the wound by placing a thick, clean gauze over it and holding it down. Do this until the blood begins to clot. Wait at least 3 minutes before checking to see if the blood flow is slowing down. If bleeding is severe, this can be quire life-threatening. Get your pet to the emergency animal medical hospital immediately.
  5. Burns – If your pet suffers a chemical burn, immediately flush the burned area with lots and lots of water. Severe burns are extremely painful. So, put an ice water compress on the burned area as quickly as possible. In both cases, you should muzzle your pet so he/she can’t bother the burned area. And, if the burn is severe, take a trip to the emergency veterinarian hospital.
  6. Heatstroke – Pay close attention to your pet during high temperatures. Heatstroke kills pets!!!      Even in Pocatello, Idaho where temperatures can reach 88 degrees in July and August, you need to be cautious and take precautions. Make sure there’s some place for your pet to find shade when outside. And, always make sure there’s reachable water to avoid dehydration. If your pet passes out from the heat, rush her/him straight to the animal medical emergency vet.
  7. Bite Wounds – If your pet is bitten, and the bite penetrates the skin, the wound is contaminated. If not treated promptly, it can become infected in a matter of hours. If the bite wound appears serious, or if your pet is bitten by a poisonous snake, get to your local emergency veterinarian hospital promptly.
  8. Vomiting & Diarrhea – Diarrhea and vomiting can be underlying symptoms of serious illnesses. Both lead to shock and dehydration. So, if they persist, get your pet to the veterinarian.
  9. Bone Fractures – If your pet suffers a fracture, panic will set in fairly quickly for him/her. So, you need to remain calm, and restrict movement to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. Call your emergency vet hospital for instructions on transporting him/her there. Only a veterinarian can correct a pet fracture properly.

Concerned about your pet? Not sure if your furry friend’s medical issue is actually and emergency? Don’t hesitate to give your local vet a call. Contact Bannock Animal Medical Center for your pet emergency today.