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What You Need to Know about Spaying Your Animals

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. They can add personality, fun and memorable days to your life. You should, however, consider getting your pets spayed as soon as they are old enough. What you need to know about spaying is that it is crucial for saving lives.

Benefits of Spaying Your Pets

These are some very important things you should know before you make your decision:

Spaying Helps Population Control

One of the biggest issues is the overpopulation of animals. You have seen some city blocks with an excessively large amount of animals. The cause of this is people not getting their animals spayed. It is estimated that one cat can result in about 420,000 cats in just seven years. This is based on all of the kittens that they have who have kittens.

Animal Shelters Can Decrease Euthanization

When you consider the fact that there is such a large population of animals, there are going to be consequences. It is said that about half of the animals that are brought into shelters get adopted. Sadly, the other half end up euthanized. This is directly linked to the overpopulation problem.  This is just one problem that can be solved by spaying your animals.

Heat Cycles Stop after Spaying

Female cats go into heat every once and a while, typically every three weeks or so. This can be a major inconvenience for pet owners. They tend to spray everywhere, including your house, when they are in heat. When you get your female cat spayed, they will stop going into heat. They will also stop howling and growling to be let out to “hunt” if they are indoor cats.

Spaying Decreases the Risk of Disease

Animals can get diseases such as cancer, the same way humans do. Getting your pet spayed can significantly reduce the chances of them getting diseases that relate to their reproductive organs. This can also decrease their chances of getting bacterial infections in those areas. The health of your pet can be saved by a spaying, if they are developing a problem.

Age and Price Factors about Spaying

Spaying Ages

Age plays a big role in the decision to get your animal spayed. It is recommended that you wait until your pet is 3-7 months old before the surgery. If you get it done before that you can risk your pets health, their young organs cannot handle the anesthetic given for the surgery. There are some doctors that suggest doing the surgery before. The evidence is clear that you should wait until at least after the 5-month mark.

Spaying Prices

Price can be a concern if you do make a whole lot of money. Luckily there are people out there who are making sure people can get their pets spayed. The typical cost is about $100. If you cannot afford this payment plans can be put into place for you.

Spaying is a Very Wise Choice

Spaying your pet is a decision you will have to make on your own. What you need to know about spaying is that it can change your pet’s life. They will keep their personality, but it can clear up problems with their health. It can also control the population, so choose wisely!