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What You Need to Know about Neutering Your Pet

Neutering is something every pet owner should consider. What you need to know about neutering is that it can be very beneficial. There are a variety of good reasons why you should want neuter your dog or cat. It can be done at almost any vet for an affordable price. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stop overpopulation
  • Less abused/homeless animals
  • Help reduce the chances of testicular disease
  • Prevent bad genes and deformities from spreading
  • Decrease testosterone linked behavior

Overpopulation: A Growing Problem

If you have been in any residential neighborhoods you have probably seen a large amount of stray cats. This is a result of overpopulation. If animals reside in a small space they can begin to reproduce rapidly. This causes a burst in the population.

Once animals start having babies rapidly it can be hard to get in control. There are many consequences to pets not being neutered in time. You should try to get it done between 5-7 months plus. Once the number of animals gets to an extreme level not enough people can take care of them.

Abused and Homeless Animals

Because of this overpopulation two things are happening. The first is that people are getting animals that they really do not want. This results in the animal getting abused by bad owners. The second thing that is happening is no one is taking these animals at all, leaving them homeless. Homeless and abused animals run like a wild fire through towns and this will help slow it down.

Stop Testicular Disease

Just like humans, animals can get sicknesses and cancer. There are many cases where getting your animals neutered can reduce or even prevent the chances of them getting the disease. The best thing to do is to see your vet regularly to see if any signs of disease are showing. If they are you should consider getting the surgery for them. It can be relatively painless in most cases.

Genetic Diseases

Again, just like humans animals are capable of being born with genetic defects. If you know that your animal is suffering from one of these defects neutering would be your best option. It will leave your pet unable to pass on the defect to further generations. This will help build a stronger genetic makeup in animals.

Male animals have other problems than just getting genetic diseases. They can also suffer from testosterone diseases as a result of just having their testicles. This is not common but it has been known to happen. If they do not have their testicles they can’t contract these problems in the future.

Male Aggressive Behavior

One of the problems you will notice with male animals is they just act different. They tend to be more aggressive and dominant. There is the fact to consider that they spray. This is something no one wants in their house.

Once you consider the benefits of getting your animal neutered it is an easy choice. The health benefits far outweigh the risks of getting this simple surgery. What you need to know about neutering is that it can do nothing but good for your pet. Talk to your local vet today for your options.