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What You Need to Know about Fleas and Dogs

Fleas are well-known pests. They find their way onto you and your dogs, and can wreak havoc. These tiny pests cause painful, itchy bites and also carry diseases. There are preventive measures you can take to keep fleas off your dog and out of your life. Here are the best known ways to keep fleas and dogs separated:

Flea Prevention Methods

There are many different ways to prevent fleas. Some of these ways involve medicine, while others are all natural. You have to look at all the options available and decide on the best fit for you and your dog. Some of the options for flea prevention include:

  • Topical Medications
  • Oral Medications
  • Natural Oil Combinations
  • Clean Your House Often
  • Bathe Your Dog Regularly
  • Flea Collars

Topical Flea Medications for Dogs

The most common type of medicine for dogs is topical cream prescribed by your veterinarian. This cream is usually applied to the back of your dog’s neck. You have to be careful with this method. The medication can cause skin irritation and discomfort on your dog. People often opt to use this next method instead of topical creams.

Oral Flea Medications for Dogs

There are some veterinarians who will recommend an oral medication. This can be mixed in with food or given with an eye dropper. There is a smaller chance of the dog’s skin getting irritated, so this is perfect for sensitive dogs. You should be sure to talk to your vet about the type of medicine you are getting. Some medicine is designed to kill adult fleas, while leaving the eggs behind to grow.

Natural Oil Combinations for Getting Rid of Fleas

You can find all natural medicine over the counter at pet stores worldwide. These natural products made with essential oils and ingredients. It will repel the fleas away from your pets and home. You can spray it on your furniture as well to help keep the fleas off your dog. Remember to talk to your vet about any natural medicine before you give it to your dog.

Regular Grooming for Flea Prevention

Grooming your pet regularly can help reduce the amount of fleas on your dog. Comb through your dog’s hair and remove all excess hair. If you do not regularly groom your dog they can become extremely susceptible to fleas and other pests. This is particularly true if your dog is outside often.

Cleaning Your Home to Rid It of Fleas

It is also a good idea to clean your home a little more thoroughly than you usually would. You should make sure that you vacuum all of your furniture. This will capture all of the extra fleas that are inside your furniture. You should also try to vacuum all of the little places in your house where fleas can hide. This will reduce their numbers greatly.

Flea Collars Help Prevent Fleas

Another very common method for getting fleas off your dog is with a flea collar. These collars have a special scent or medication made with them. The result is the fleas will slowly die off of your dog and you just need to follow up. Making sure you understand the connection between fleas and dogs is the first step in getting rid of them.